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Wheel Arch Moulds to suit Mercedes Benz W140 S-Class 2 Door 1993-1998 ** To enlarge photo hover mouse over the image and pressing Ctrl twice

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Wheel Arch Moulds Mercedes Benz W140 S-Class 2 door 1993-1998 (set of 4)

Polished Stainless Steel
Includes fitting instructions, rubber seal, screws & clips
Original Fendertrim since 1985

Signature Line® Wheel Arch Mould Installation:

There are 2 options available to installing the Wheel Arch Moulds for your car or SUV. The original installation is the drill method, however you can install the Wheel Arch Moulds onto vehicles with the clip method.

Option 1 - Drilling with Screws:
This process requires minor drilling to the inner fender well and then securing the Wheel Arch Mould with stainless steel screws. This is perhaps one of the oldest and sure methods when installing the Wheel Arch Mould, you can equally use rivets to secure Wheel Arch Moulds.

Option 2 – Locking Clips No Drilling
This process requires the use of stainless-steel locking clips to secure the Wheel Arch Mould. The locking clip installation kit comes with the set of Wheel Arch Moulds.

Chrome by FENDERTRIM Signature Line®
Fendertrim Wheel Arch Moulds are custom made using the finest stainless steel. Each Wheel Arch Mould is custom made to the shape of the wheel opening without cutting or bending. In addition, each Wheel Arch Mould comes with a black rubber seal designed to enhance and protect the wheel arch

High grade Stainless Steel ensures extreme durability, while the highly polished finish enhances the entire style of your vehicle. The installation is easy due to the pre-drilled mould and the supply of screws and clips


  • No cutting or drilling required
  • Designed specifically for your vehicle
  • Dramatically enhance the look of the vehicle
  • High quality Stainless Steel
  • High durability and corrosion resistance.

Chrome Accessories enhance the look of your vehicle's exterior. Made of high-quality Stainless Steel or ABS plastic, they ensure extreme durability.

Finished with a chrome finish, they will be a perfect addition to your vehicle's OEM chrome trim. FENDERTRIM is an Australian company - established in 1985, has been supplying high quality accessories which include chrome trim, stainless steel wheel arch moulds, stainless steel door entry sill plates, steering wheel refurbishment, wood dash refurbishment, gear shift knobs and more.