Tank Cover to suit Toyota Landcruiser 200 series 2008-2021 - Chrome

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Chrome Tank Cover
to suit Toyota Landcruiser 200 series 2012-2021 1 piece


Chrome Trim Accessory Installation Detail:

Our Chrome Trim Items utilise Automotive Attachment Tape, and are best installed at temperatures warmer than 18 degrees.
This process is not difficult, but it does require your full attention. Best accomplished on a warm (best installed at temperatures warmer than 18 degrees ) dry day with no child distractions.

We recommend Dry-Fitting ALL of your chrome trim accessory pieces to ALL of their specific locations BEFORE peeling ANY of the protective red tape off the tape. Make sure all the pieces are correct, i.e., you have received both right and left sides, with and without keyholes or keypads, etc, and that all are undamaged. Chrome pieces should fit PERFECTLY. There should be no rocking (curvature mismatch) or space underneath. Dry Fitting is also good practice lining up each piece and guiding it into place. Repeat this practice positioning with each piece a couple of times, visualising how you will finally do it when the protective strips are removed and the tape is STICKY. Note that once the red protective paper is peeled, we cannot give credit for return.

Prepare the vehicle bonding surface by cleaning it thoroughly with regular isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a clean lint-free white cotton rag or clean disposable toweling.

THOROUGH CLEANING removes oily or waxy residues so the adhesive can bond securely. Avoid using colored cloth rags for this purpose, as dyes in the fabric may leave colored residue behind.
Peel off the protective red papers, position, and carefully press into place. 
After your Chrome Trim items have been fitted to the vehicle surface, rub each piece firmly with a soft cloth to help ensure that it is seated securely. You may want to come back a few hours later, or the next day, to give each piece of chrome trim another pressure rub to ensure the best adhesion.

Temperature below 180c - Please use a hair-dryer to heat up the tape prior to fitting, this will give a more powerful adhesion.
Allow the molding adhesive to set up for at least 24 hours before washing your vehicle. Maximum adhesion is reached after 3-5 days in temperatures above 20 degrees, longer if it is cooler. Once the adhesive has fully bonded to a properly prepared surface, it is nearly impossible to remove the item without damaging it.

Chrome by FENDERTRIM Signature Line®

High grade ABS plastic ensures extreme durability, while the chrome finish enhances the entire style of your vehicle. The installation is easy due to the pre-applied double sided tape.


  • No cutting or drilling required
  • Designed specifically for your vehicle
  • Dramatically enhance the look of the factory mirrors
  • High quality ABS material
  • Chrome plated
  • Easily installed in minutes using pre-applied tape

Chrome Accessories enhance the look of your vehicle's exterior. Made of high quality ABS plastic, they ensure extreme durability.

The majority of automotive add-ons, as well as most OEM standard fitments are manufactured from ABS plastic since it is well known for its strength, high durability and corrosion resistance.

Finished with a chrome finish, they will be a perfect addition to your vehicle's OEM chrome trim. The installation process is quick and takes less than five minutes as neither cutting nor drilling is required.

FENDERTRIM is an Australian company - established in 1985, has been supplying high quality accessories which include chrome trim, stainless steel wheel arch moulds, stainless steel door entry sill plates, steering wheel refurbishment, wood dash refurbishment, gear shift knobs and more